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Friday, May 31, 2024 Presentations

Finding the Best Grapes, Bob Peak

Winemaking Math: Calculate your Way to Better Wine, Chik Brenneman

Top 5 Lessons Learned Growing My Own Grapes, Ken Stafford

Heat and Cold Stability, Jessica Trapeni

Making Sake at Home, Andrew Centofante

Preparing to Bottle, Rich Sportsman

YAN & Yeast Health, Audrey Skinner

Grape and Non-Grape Co-Ferments, Patrick Collins

Acid & pH, Bob Peak

Kit Wine Troubleshooting, Marc and Matthew Nordemann

Saturday, June 1, 2024 Presentations

Managing Nutrition of Juice and Wine, Chik Brenneman

Methods to Reduce Acidity, Clark Smith

A One-Man Band Guide to Growing Grapes, Bob Ramsey

Keys to Making Award-Winning Wines, Ken Stafford

What I Learned Opening a Winery, Rich Sportsman