Thursday, June 2, 2022 WineMaker Conference Boot Camps

Sessions will run pre-conference Thursday, June 2, 2022. Each Boot Camp is  from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and includes lunch. Attendance is limited to just 35 attendees per session and do sell out. This add-on boot camp beyond the conference registration is a great opportunity to get an in-depth learning experience in a small audience setting and learn hands-on from experts. Don’t wait since each class is limited to 35!
NEW: Tiny Vineyards movie Screening post-Boot Camp Thursday at 7 pm at the Palmer Theater downtown San Luis Obispo!  Click here for more information

Starting Up a Commercial Winery
With Genevieve Rodgers $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Ever think about going pro and opening your own commercial winery? Lots of WineMaker readers say they’ve thought about making the jump and opening their own commercial winery. Genevieve Rodgers consults every day with commercial winery start-ups and we’re lucky to have her join us to lead you through the steps, planning decisions and key financial numbers you need to know if you want to open up a successful commercial winery. Learn from her expertise and wide range of experience to help you better achieve your dream of going pro! REGISTER HERE

Winemaking from Grapes      
With Bob Peak  $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Join WineMaker’s Technical Editor and “Techniques” Columnist Bob Peak as he takes you through all the steps of making wines from grapes including crushing and fermenting all the way to bottling. Learn how to work with fresh grapes and operate the different pieces of equipment and the tests you’ll have to run on your wine. This workshop intended for beginning to intermediate home winemakers will help your own winemaking experience back home more successful by learning hands-on. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend one of our most popular annual Boot Camps. REGISTER HERE

Backyard Grape Growing
With Wes Hagen  $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Former professional Vineyard Manager and WineMaker’s longtime “Backyard Vines” Columnist Wes Hagen will lead you through all the steps a small-scale grape grower needs to know: Site selection, vine choice, planting, trellising, pruning, watering, pest control, harvest decisions plus more strategies to successfully grow your own great wine grapes. REGISTER HERE

Home Wine Lab Tests
With Chik Brenneman $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

It is very difficult to make great wine if you don’t know how to properly and accurately test your wine. Chik Brenneman will take you step-by-step teaching you how to properly test your wine for sulfites, malolactic, acidity, and pH. You’ll have the chance to run these different tests yourself to give you a valuable hands-on learning experience so you can accurately run these tests on your own wine at home. REGISTER HERE

Advanced Winemaking from Grapes          Thurs., May 17 Winemaking from Grapes with Bob Peak
With Pat Henderson $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Professional winemaker Pat Henderson will go beyond the basics to explain more complex techniques to get the most from your winemaking using fresh grapes. This workshop intended for intermediate and expert home winemakers will tackle a range of tips: From dialing in extraction levels on the front end all the way to protecting your wine with advanced tips through bottling. REGISTER HERE