Sunday, May 19, 2019 WineMaker Conference Boot Camps


Judging & Scoring Wines          
With Bob Peak $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Evaluating wine is a skill and tool you need in order to make the best wine you can at home. In this small-class, hands-on session you’ll learn how to evaluate your own and other wines in the same way as a trained wine judge. WineMaker’s Technical Editor and “Techniques” Columnist Bob Peak is also an experienced wine, cider, and beer judge. He’ll carefully lead you through the same 20-point UC-Davis evaluation sheet that forms the foundation of most wine judging events including our own WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition. You’ll also better understand why wines receive the scores they do and how scoring your own wines with a critical palate will result in you becoming a better winemaker. REGISTER HERE

Wine Chem 101      
With Chik Brenneman $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Understanding the basics of wine chemistry will make you a better winemaker, but not everyone can remember back far enough to the chemistry you might have been taught years before in school. University of California-Davis’ Winery Manager and WineMaker Columnist Chik Brenneman will break down what you need to know – and why you need to know it – so you will leave with a firm grasp of wine chemistry and how it will help you improve your winemaking at home. REGISTER HERE

Advanced Home Cheesemaking
With Pamela Zorn  $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Pamela Zorn of Wine and Whey in Colorado builds on the basics of home cheesemaking she covered in Thurday’s Home Cheesemaking Boot Camp and tackles more complex and advanced cheesemaking techniques in this small-class, hands-on session. You will learn to make a broad variety of cheese styles – both hard and soft – in this full-day workshop. Get lessons to take your home cheesemaking to a new level. This Boot Camp assumes prior basic knowledge of home cheesemaking (advanced beginners, intermediates, and experts welcome!) so it is recommended for people who took Thursday’s Cheesemaking Boot Camp with Pamela or if you have some experience already making your own cheese. REGISTER HERE


With Jason Phelps $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

Interest in mead is on the rise throughout North America. Now you can learn all the stepsyou need to successfully craft your own homemade honey wines. Instructor Jason Phelps is a professional meadmaker at his Ancient Fire Mead & Cider in New Hampshire. He’ll take you through the keys to making great mead at home including important techniques, yeast selection, fermentation strategies, and more. Learn how to select and work with different honey varieties and best practices for adding additional ingredients such as fruits and spices to your mead. This is a grea opportunity to learn about meadmaking beginning to end so you’ll be successful at home. REGISTER HERE



Advanced Winemaking From Grapes
With Alex Russan $225 for attendees $275 for non-attendees

WineMaker Magazine’s “Advanced Winemaking” Columnist and professional winemaker Alex Russan will go beyond the basics to explain more complex techniques to get the most from your winemaking using fresh grapes. This workshop intended for intermediate and expert home winemakers will tackle a range of tips: From dialing in extraction levels on the front end all the way to protecting your wine with advance tips through bottling. Please Note: This same Boot Camp will also be offered on Thursday, May 16 in addition to Sunday, May 19. REGISTER HERE

Old Mission Peninsula Wineries Insider Tour
Leelanau Peninsula Wineries Insider Tour
$200 for Attendees and guests

This year with easy proximity to Traverse area AVA wine regions we are offering two different tour options on both Thursday and Sunday. Each will be a full day of behind-the-scenes tours and tastings. You’ll tour several wineries as you explore one of the peninsulas surrounded by Lake Michigan and have plenty of opportunities to ask their professional winemakers your winemaking and grape growing questions. You’ll be served lunch along the way and have tastings of award-winning wines. Transportation for this scenic and educational wine tour will be provided roundtrip from our conference hotel, The Grand Traverse Resort. So now you’ll have the opportunity to tour one peninsula before the conference and the other peninsula the day after the conference wraps up. REGISTER HERE