Advanced Wine Kit Techniques: Tim Vandergrift ’08


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Want to take your kit winemaking to the next level? Learn advanced techniques designed especially for the kit winemaker as Winexpert’s Tim Vandergrift helps you think “outside the box” with new ways to get even more from your kit wines.

Tim Vandergrift has worked in the home beer and wine industry since the early 1990s and has been the Technical Services Manager for Winexpert Limited, a kit manufacturer based in British Columbia, since 2000. His responsibilities at Winexpert include product development, quality assurance for raw materials, technical documentation, consumer education and translating winemaking protocols for home consumers. Tim teaches wine appreciation, home winemaking as well as consulting at several B.C. vineyards. Recordings of Tim speaking on “Advanced Wine Kit Techniques” and “Adding Kits to Grapes” are available for sale.

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