Glycol for Home Fermenters & Cellars: Olin Schultz ’08


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Glycol isn’t just for large commercial wineries anymore. Learn how this easy coolant of choice is now being adapted to small-scale fermenters and home wine cellars so hobbyists can gain the same precise temperature control over fermentation and aging as the pros. Olin Schultz of MoreWine! walks you through the latest advances in small-scale glycol systems for the hobbyist.

Olin Schultz is the CEO and Founder of MoreWine!, a retailer of winemaking supplies in Concord, California. Olin started his company in 1995 and now oversees its operations as well as serving as Winemaker of his own small lot production of Olin Wines. Under his leadership MoreWine! has expanded from hobby wine equipment into commercial wine equipment as well.

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