Keys To Blending Wines: Jeff Waddell ’10


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Many of the great wines of the world are blends, so don’t limit yourself to making strictly varietals. Learn how to try various blends of your different wines in various percentages of each and how to keep your eye on the ultimate goal of creating balance. Local professional winemaker Jeff Waddell helps lead you through the art and science of blending.

Jeff Waddell is owner and winemaker of East Fork Cellars, is a fourth-generation wine grower, and began growing grapes in the Northwest about 9 years ago. East Fork Cellars grows Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay grapes on their vineyard. In addition to making wine from their own vineyard, East Fork specializes in creating wonderful blends of red varietals grown on a vineyard they manage in Northern California.

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