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WINE KIT Q & A – Attendees brought their best kit winemaking questions to this session featuring two of the leading wine kit experts, Winexpert’s Tim Vandergrift and RJS’s Peter Smith. They took questions for 75 minutes to help troubleshoot winemaking problems.

TIM VANDERGRIFT has been active in the home beer and wine industry for two decades, and has served as Technical Services Manager for Winexpert since 2000 where his responsibilities include product development, technical documentation, translating winemaking protocols for consumer use, and wine education for Winexpert’s retail partners and their customers. He is also the “Wine Kits” columnist for WineMaker magazine and writes a blog on

Peter Smith began making wine & beer in 1991 as a home winemaker in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been making wine every year since.  He realized it was his passion when he traveled and helped his uncle with his winery in Okanagan Valley.  He has made wines from Rhubarb, strawberries, apricots, and many grape varietals, as well as brewing a multitude of different beers.  His cellar hovers around the 500 bottle mark at any given time.  He is a certified Sommelier.  He has won numerous awards and medals as an amateur winemaker.  Peter works across Canada and the US & currently resides in Ontario as Ontario Sales manager for RJS Craft winemaking.  He helps retailers with business planning as well as enhancing winemaking skills. 



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