Sulfite Calculator

Introduction The Sulfite Calculator is a simple yet very useful tool to quickly calculate the amount of sulfite needed to adequately protect a wine. It calculates the amount of sulfite based on the difference between the current and desired free SO2 levels for any given volume of wine. It can be used to quickly determine the amount of sulfite to be added when wine parameters, for example, pH, are not needed in the calculation. For example, it can be used to determine how much sulfite is needed to achieve 100 mg/L free SO2 to stop an active fermentation, such as when wanting to keep natural residual sugar. When a value for pH is entered, the Sulfite Calculator uses this value along with the type of wine, alcohol content, temperature and desired molecular SO2 to calculate a recommended free SO2 level. The calculated recommended free SO2 value can then be entered as the new desired SO2 level to calculate the amount of sulfite to be added. SO2 levels are measured in milligrams per liters, or mg/L, which is approximately equivalent 1 … Continue reading Sulfite Calculator