2013 Wine Label Contest Winners

A winemaker’s imagination isn’t limited to what goes on in the winery. For every great homemade wine there is very often a great story to tell about how it was made or why the winemaker chose to make it — and what better way to tell a wine’s story than on the label? Each year we collect hundreds of homemade wine labels for our annual label contest, and every year we have to narrow them down to a short list of favorites, which is no small task. This year, as in years past, we saw so many great designs using a wide variety of artwork, and some of them were as good as — or better than — some of the labels we’ve seen on commercial wines. After much deliberation, we chose a very “America-the-Beautiful” watercolor, a blue-jeans design that any working man or woman could appreciate, an embossed homage to a dog named Baron and a label with some California state pride. Narrowing it down to just a few winners is never easy, so we choose as many as