2016 Top 100 Wine Kits

Dozens of experienced judges evaluated a total of 1,296 wine kit entries alongside fresh fruit entries as part of the 2006 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition.

This large collection of kit entries was sent into the competition from across North America originating from 8 Canadian provinces and 35 American states. The 1,296 wine kit entries were entered in 36 different categories and represented a broad selection of varietals and blends from all major kit manufacturers.

Over the course of three days, wine judging panels examined all entries, both kit and non-kit, using the UC-Davis 20-point wine scale giving their scores on appearance, aroma, taste, aftertaste and overall impression. All judging was done blind meaning those evaluating each entry were given a pre-poured glass of wine with absolutely no identification attached except a tracking number.

The judges had no idea about the entrant’s name or even whether the entry was made from a kit or fresh fruit. All the judges knew about each entry was the category entered. Entries were awarded gold, silver, bronze and best of show medals based on the average score given by the judging panel. At the end of competition, these kits collected an impressive grand total of 546 medals after the scores were tallied.

Since starting our competition in 2002, we have found many WineMaker readers looking to purchase a wine kit refer back to each year’s competition results as a third-party list of specific wine kits that scored well in the blind judging and thus are capable of producing an award-winning wine.

Over the past few years, to help kit buyers further we have highlighted a small selection of medal winning kits organized around a specific blend or varietal from the most recent competition in each issue of the magazine.

This year we’ve decided to go one step further and put the spotlight on the top 100 scoring kits from the 2006 competition. What follows is a ranking based on the average scores given by judges of the top performing kit entries this year. Extending all the judging scores out to the furthest decimal point we were able to compile this ranked list of those kit entries that had the highest average scores from among the 1,296 kit entries.

This kit list represents the top scoring entries that have shown the potential in a blind judging format to make excellent wines. We organized these top kits not only in numerical order, but also broken out into general wine style categories for easy reference.

alt1.     Vineco KenRidge Showcase Italian Amarone
2.     RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Vidal Ice Wine Style
3.     Heron Bay Summer Mist Peach Chardonnay
4.     RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Rosso Grande
5.     Vintner’s Cellar Supreme Amarone
6.     Vineco Niagara Mist Tangerine Pinot Grigio
7.     Winexpert Selection Estate Series Woodbridge Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon
8.     Cellar Craft Washington State Merlot
9.     RJ Spagnols Cru Select Italian Brunello
10.   Winexpert Island Mist Wildberry Shiraz

11.    Vineco Legacy Cabernet Merlot
12.    RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Winery Series Cabernet Sauvignon
13.    Cellar Craft Limited Release Malbec Merlot
14.    Winexpert Selection Estate Series New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
15.    Vineco KenRidge Showcase New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
16.    RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Valpolicella
17.    Vineco KenRidge Classic Port
18.    Vineco KenRidge Showcase French Sauvignon Blanc
19.    Winexpert Selection Limited Edition Sonoma Chardonnay/Viognier
20.    Winexpert Selection Chardonnay/Sémillon

21.    Vineco Legacy Valpolicella
22.    RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Blackberry Merlot
23.    RJ Spagnols En Primeur Chilean Merlot
24.    Vineco Niagara Mist Peach Chardonnay
25.    Vineco Vinterra Sauvignon Blanc
26.    Advintage Celebration del mondo Amarone
27.    Winexpert Selection Estate Series Yamhill County Oregon Pinot Gris
28.    Cellar Craft Rosso Fortissimo
29.    Winexpert Selection Spéciale Icewine Style Riesling
30.    Winexpert Selection Limited Edition New Zealand Pinot Noir

31.    Winexpert Island Mist Black Raspberry Merlot
32.    Wine Art Tradition Series Riesling Ice Wine Style
33.    Winexpert Selection International French Merlot
34.    Advintage Anniversary Edition Black Horse Valley
35.    Winexpert Selection International Italian Pinot Grigio
36.    Winexpert Selection Estate Series Corvina Classico di Veneto
37.    RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Peach Chardonnay
38.    Advintage Celebration del mondo Italian Chardonnay
39.    RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio
40.    Winexpert Selection Estate Series Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay

41.    Mosti Mondiale Meglioli Amarone Mondiale
42.    Vineco Legacy Sauvignon Blanc
43.    RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Cranapple Chardonnay
44.    Cellar Craft Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel
45.    Alexander’s Sun Country Chenin Blanc
46.    RJ Spagnols Cru Select Platinum Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
47.    Vinoka Peach Breeze
48.    Vineco KenRidge Collection Limited Release Super Tuscan
49.    Winexpert Selection Estate Series Napa Valley Stags Leap District Merlot
50.    Winexpert Island Mist Mango Citrus Symphony

51.    Advintage Bellissima Tropical Riesling
52.    Winexpert Selection Limited Edition Australian Petit Verdot
53.    Advintage Celebration del mondo Cabernet Sauvignon
54.    Winexpert Vintners Reserve Riesling
55.    Vineco KenRidge Classic Sauvignon Blanc
56.    Vineco Niagara Mist Raspberry Merlot
57.    Winexpert Vintners Reserve Pinot Blanc
58.    Cellar Craft Washington Reserve Traminer Riesling
59.    RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Winery Series Shiraz
60.    Cellar Craft Porto Framboesa Blush Merlot

61.    Cellar Craft Washington Reserve Gewürztraminer
62.    Winexpert Island Mist Green Apple Riesling
63.    Cellar Craft Amarone
64.    Vineco KenRidge Showcase Italian Pinot Grigio
65.    Mosti Mondiale Alljuice Amarone
66.    Winexpert Island Mist Blackberry Cabernet
67.    RJ Spagnols Cru Select RQ Italian Brunello
68.    Cellar Craft Yakima Valley Syrah
69.    Vineco Legacy Pinot Grigio
70.    Cellar Craft Yakima Valley Pinot Gris

71.    RJ Spagnols Cru Select Gold Pinot Noir
72.    Winexpert Selection Limited Edition Primativo Syrah
73.    Winexpert Selection Piesporter Style
74.    Mosti Mondiale Gewürztraminer
75     Heron Bay Appellation Series Platinum Label Sierra Foothill Sangiovese Zinfandel
76.    Winexpert Vintners Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
77.    Wine Art Chardonnay
78.    Winexpert Vintners Reserve Passport Series Chilean Merlot
79.    RJ Spagnols Cru Select Specialty Red Ice Wine
80.    Winexpert Selection Limited Edition Syrah/Mourvedre

81.    Mosti Mondiale Meglioli Rojo Intenso
82.    Vineco KenRidge Classic Shiraz
83     Winexpert Selection Limited Edition Castellina Supertuscan
84.    Vineco Vinterra Pinot Grigio
85.    Vineco KenRidge Classic Icevine Red Style
86.    Advintage Mosto Italiano Chardonnay
87.    Cellar Craft Cream Sherry
88.    Winexpert Island Mist Peach Apricot Chardonnay
89.    Vineco KenRidge Showcase Oregon Pinot Gris
90.    Winexpert Vintners Reserve Italian Pinot Grigio

91.    RJ Spagnols En Primeur Italian Amarone
92.    Cellar Craft Limited Release Nero d’ Avola/Syrah
93.    Winexpert Selection International Australian Shiraz
94.    Vineco Legacy Liebfraumilch
95.    Vineco KenRidge Classic Riesling
96.    Winexpert Selection Spéciale Port
97.    Winexpert Island Mist Strawberry Merlot
98.    Cellar Craft Meritage
99.    RJ Spagnols Cru Select RQ Pinot Noir
100.   RJ Spagnols Cru Select Gold European Merlot