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After reading a recent article in WineMaker about using a pump to transfer wine, I put together my own pumping system. My question pertains to the possible negative effect of the wine going through brass fittings in the tubing. It only takes about four minutes to transfer the wine, but it all passes through one brass reduction fitting along the way. I would have preferred to incorporate a stainless steel fitting, but I haven’t been able to find one. Anyway, any guidance you can send along would be appreciated. (P.S., in the photo (see above), that handsome young guy pouring grapes into the hopper is my older son, also named Peter . . . as is his son.) Pete Mauro via email You might be encouraged to know that brass fittings have a long and storied history in winemaking. In fact, if you travel the back roads of Europe and poke your head into the cellars, garages and barns of many family wineries, you’ll notice quite a few brass spigots, tubing connectors, reducers and spouts around. The metal is easy