Magazine Advertising

More and more people are entering the winemaking hobby as it enters the mainstream. Greater access to quality grapes, high quality kits, and new equipment and supplies have made winemaking one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America. WineMaker magazine is leading the way with expanded editorial and circulation. Our aggressive promotions will increase our readership with new subscription initiatives and new newsstand distribution in 2024.

  • 19,660+ readers per issue
  • Over $17.7 million spent annually by readers on winemaking supplies and equipment.
  • 123,858 winemakers advised by readers annually on selection of supplies and equipment.
  • 1,749,937 gallons of homemade wine produced by readers annually.
  • Over $28.8 million spent annually by readers on commercial wine.

Reap the benefits of our aggressive marketing plans for 2024!

We invest in promotions like no other magazine in the industry to deliver new prospects for you!

  • Newsstand Promotions – We will add to our current network of thousands of bookstores, newsstands, and home winemaking shops carrying our magazines. We will also invest in a variety of in-store promotions at large bookstore chains such as: Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Chapters.
  • Internet Promotions – Online subscription offers will run on Amazon.com, our own WineMakermag.com and other wine-related websites.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns – Over 250,000 new subscriber pieces will be mailed!
  • Gift promotions – Over 100,000 promos will be sent during the holiday months to WineMaker subscribers encouraging gift subscriptions to their winemaking friends and family.

Editorial: Packed with Information and Fun for all Levels!

WineMaker is fun as well as informative. We get dozens of letters every month and they say the same thing: “This magazine is written just for me. It is easy to read, I always learn something.”

Reader involvement is the signature of the magazine – our pages are loaded with tips, techniques, and recipes. We cover the entire hobby from beginners to advanced and from wine kits to fresh fruit.

WineMaker Covers the Entire Home Wine Industry!

Number of years subscribers have been making wine:

  • 1 year or less: 2%
  • 2-3 years: 5%
  • 4-8 years: 16%
  • 9-12 years: 22%
  • 12+ years: 55%

Readers make wine from a combination of concentrates, juices and fresh fruit.

  • Kits: 28%
  • Concentrates: 7%
  • Juices: 30%
  • Fresh Grapes: 82%
  • Non-Grape Fruits: 24%

Reader Survey:

  • Active Hobbyists:
    • Each WineMaker reader makes an average of 6.9 batches a year.
    • Spends an average of $901 a year on home winemaking equipment and supplies.
    • Spends an average of $1,466 purchasing commercial wine a year.
  • Influential Buyers:
    • Each reader advises an additional 6.3 other people a year regarding their selection of home winemaking equipment & supplies and has influenced 4.9 people to start hobby winemaking.
  • Buying Power:
    • Average household income $141,016

WineMaker Advertising Delivers!

  • 74% have purchased or plan to purchase a product directly as a result of an advertisement they read in WineMaker.
  • Last year, 84% of our advertisers ran in multiple issues and 46% ran on a full year contract. They didn’t run long-term contracts because we are nice guys (which we think we are) – they ran because advertising in WineMaker really works!
  • WineMaker advertisers receive hotlinks on winemakermag.com so readers can learn more about your products right away! This service is FREE!

Circulation Story:

12,287 Paid Copies Each Issue!

With an estimated one million home winemakers in North America we have plenty of room to grow. That’s why we promote so heavily with direct mail and other marketing tools. Our efforts have paid off. WineMaker circulation doubled in size over the past decade and we continue to attract new hobbyists as subscribers – that means fresh prospects for you!

  • WineMaker is sold in over 5,000 locations, including virtually every major bookstore chain and key newsstand in North America and in in hundreds of winemaking supply stores in special point-of-purchase displays.
  • Each copy sold has an additional 0.6 person pass-along readership according to our reader survey.
    Total readership 19,660!

Home Winemaking Supplier Directory Listing

For brick and mortar shops looking to advertise their business to our active audience of winemakers, we offer an affordable place in our WineMaker Supplier Directory. Business name, store location, website, email, phone, and a short description of what sets your business apart from the rest, comes with the listing. You can sign up online