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Chemicals & Ingredients Chart

Chemical / Ingredient Usage Recommended concentration Comments Acid blend (tartaric, malic, citric) 3:2:1 Increase total acidity 1g/L Increase TA by 1 g/L Ascorbic acid Anti-oxidant 2-3 g/hL Only to be used with


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Amador Winemakers Association P. O. Box 1883 Sutter Creek CA 95685 Amateur Wine Maker of Central Illinois 1407 Heather Drive Mahomet IL 61853 217-202-1053 Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Club of Adelaide South

Common Grapes Guide

Vitis vinifera is the classic family of wine grapes and includes such renowned varietals as Zinfandel and Chardonnay. The vines originated in what’s now southwestern Russia. In the United States, V. vinifera

Download Tim Patterson’s Blending Spreadsheet

WineMaker thanks frequent contributor Tim Patterson for making his wine blending spreadsheet available to home winemakers. Download the Blending Spreadsheet. An easy way to track the consequences of blending is to use

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WineMaker Magazine – Reader Service Connect with advertisers from the current issue using contact information below. Best of WineMaker 25 Classic Wine Styles 802-362-3981 http://www.winemakermag.com/store Best of WineMaker Guide to Growing Grapes

Sulfite Calculator

Introduction The Sulfite Calculator is a simple yet very useful tool to quickly calculate the amount of sulfite needed to adequately protect a wine. It calculates the amount of sulfite based on

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Alternative Beverage Belmont NC 28012 http://www.ebrew.com Alternative Beverage Charlotte NC 28209 http://www.ebrew.com Alternative Beverage Cornelius NC 28031 http://www.ebrew.com American Brewmaster Raleigh NC 27604 http://www.americanbrewmaster.com Asheville Brewers Supply Asheville NC 28804 http://www.ashevillebrewers.com Bacchus

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Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor MI 48180 http://www.homebrewing.org Adventures in Homebrewing Ann Arbor MI 48103 http://www.homebrewing.org American Brewmaster Raleigh NC 27604 http://www.americanbrewmaster.com Arbor Wine & Beer Making Supplies Islip NY 11751 http://www.arborwine.com Austin

Winemaking Definitions

Acetobacter: A group of bacteria that oxidatively convert wine to vinegar (ethanol into acetic acid) through an aerobic (oxygen present) fermentation. Acid blend: A generic name for any commercially available blend of

Yeast Strains Chart

Five companies – Lallemand (Lalvin), Red Star, Vintner’s Harvest, White Labs, and Wyeast – produce the vast majority of wine-yeast used by home wine makers in North America. Here’s an up-to-date overview