Online Advertising

Winemakermag.com is the online home of WineMaker magazine, the largest circulation magazine for the winemaking hobby reaching over 20,600+ readers each issue. In addition to our print advertising, we also offer online promotional opportunities to reach this affluent, well-educated, mostly male audience creating their own world-class wines.

WineMaker’s audience

  • 90% male
  • 57 years old average age
  • Average household income $136,730
  • Spend an average of $934 each year on home winemaking supplies and equipment
  • Spend an average of $1,319 per year on commercial wines

Winemakermag.com’s site

  • Over 22 years of searchable content relating to hobby winemaking and wine.
  • New content updates each month keeps visitors coming back.
  • Average monthly traffic of over 196,500 pages viewed by over 43,500 unique visitors.

Banner Advertising

Winemakermag.com banners are placed in random rotation on every Winemakermag.com page with more appearing on content pages. Banners are priced according to the length of time you want your banner in rotation. All rates are on a pre-paid basis.

  • Banner sizes available are: 680wx80h pixels, 468wx60h pixels, 200wx200h pixels and 200wx100h pixels.
  • We prefer banner files in JPEG, .png, or .gif formats, but can handle many other file types with adequate lead time.
  • An impression is registered each time your banner appears on a page being viewed. Each banner package has a guaranteed number of impressions, however, we will not stop your rotation if it reaches that number of impressions prior to the timeframe you contracted.
    Here are our banner advertising packages:

    $1,500 for 12-months of Winemakermag.com banners
    (120,000 total impressions guaranteed)

    $1,000 for 6-months of Winemakermag.com banners
    (60,000 total impressions guaranteed)

    $550 for 3-months of Winemakermag.com banners
    (30,000 total impressions guaranteed)

    $200 for 1-month of Winemakermag.com banners
    (10,000 total impressions guaranteed)

    $125 for 2-weeks of Winemakermag.com banners
    (5,000 total impressions guaranteed)

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Thinking about running full-year print advertising in WineMaker? Check out our Integrated Marketing Packages that combine print and banner advertising at the lowest rates available. Click here for rates and details.

Home Winemaking Supplier Directory Listing

Our visitors want to find you! Thousands of visitors to our site search for a winemaking supply shop by state using our “Supplier Directory” resource. List your winemaking supply retail store in our WineMaker Directory so they find you there as well as in the print and digital editions of WineMaker organized by state complete with your website, e-mail address, physical address, phone contact information, and a caption about what sets your store apart.

  • 2-year listing: $400 per retail location (you’ll be listed online AND in WineMaker magazine’s WineMaker Directory)
  • One-year listing: $225 per retail location (you’ll be listed online AND in WineMaker magazine’s WineMaker Directory)
  • Six-month listing: $150 per retail location

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WineMaker E-Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsor advertising including a headline, 50-word message containing a logo and hotlink is available on our monthly e-mail newsletter for just $350 per newsletter. The WineMaker e-newsletter goes out to over 20,500 winemakers each month! Send us an e-mail at ad@winemakermag.com to find out details and reservation deadlines.

For more information on any of these advertising opportunities, please contact us!

E-mail: ad@winemakermag.com

Phone: (802) 362-3981

Snail mail:

5515 Main St.
Manchester Center, VT 05255