“I Make Wine Because . . .”

Take part in any home winemaking gathering and you will find that winemakers have a lot to say. When it comes to one subject, however, we all agree on one thing — we all love to make wine! WineMaker recently asked our Facebook fans to finish a simple phrase, “I make my own wine because…” Here we share some of our favorites.

We heard from the philosophical: 
“It heightens our enjoyment of everyday life, links us to the past, and connects us to the natural world.  Producing it only reinforces the cycle.”

“When life gives you grapes . . .make wine!”

The practical:
“No one sells crabapple wine where we live!”

“It makes ‘what to get’ decisions easy at gift-giving time.”

“I can make any kind I want, and when I crave it it’s just a walk downstairs…”

“Its better than any wine you can buy.”

Those who wanted to create and relax:
“It makes me happy to create something that tastes good.”

“No other hobby is as rewarding.”

“On a long winter night, it is relaxing to watch ferment.”

There were family ties and traditions:
“Nothing makes my wife happier than the smell of red grapes fermenting in the laundry room?” (Notice, he’s not too sure about this answer.)

“I used to help my Grandad make wine when I was little.  Now my grandson helps me!”

“I make wine with a brother and two friends. After a “wine work day” we usually have a group dinner with our wives. What a great way to enjoy friends & family! OOH! We make great wine too!”

Some like to push their own limits:
“It is a challenge to try to improve on the wine each time, [which is] also a great gift!!!”

“The persistent belief that one day hope will triumph over experience.”

Then there were winemakers after our own hearts (we applaud anyone who loves sanitation):
“I planted the vineyard, and then grapes showed up.”

“I love sterilizing equipment.”

“That way I can be known as a WINE-O in a good way!!”

And of course our favorite comment:
“Because it’s just fun!”
(Exactly what we think, too!)

There they are, the answers to the important and timely question, “I make my own wine because . . .” Thank you to everyone who posted and all of WineMaker’s fans on Facebook. Comment next time and it will appear in the pages of WineMaker! Visit www.facebook.com/WineMakermag