“I Make Wine Because . . .”

Take part in any home winemaking gathering and you will find that winemakers have a lot to say. When it comes to one subject, however, we all agree on one thing — we all love to make wine! WineMaker recently asked our Facebook fans to finish a simple phrase, “I make my own wine because…” Here we share some of our favorites. We heard from the philosophical:  “It heightens our enjoyment of everyday life, links us to the past, and connects us to the natural world.  Producing it only reinforces the cycle.” “When life gives you grapes . . .make wine!” The practical: “No one sells crabapple wine where we live!” “It makes ‘what to get’ decisions easy at gift-giving time.” “I can make any kind I want, and when I crave it it’s just a walk downstairs…” “Its better than any wine you can buy.” Those who wanted to create and relax: “It makes me happy to create something that tastes good.” “No other hobby is as rewarding.” “On a long winter night, it is relaxing to watch ferment.”