2017 Wine Label Contest Winners

We spend so much time here at WineMaker thinking about how to make wine — from the fruit to the fermentation to the bottling and storage. But once a year we like to think about what’s on the outside of a bottle of wine instead of what’s on the inside.

Each year we get lots of imaginative designs — many of them with a great story to match the art. This year, out of the hundreds of entries we received, we managed to narrow down our choices to a tribute to a Contra Costa County (California) vineyard dog, a very literal interpretation of foot stomping grapes the old fashioned way, a Beelzebub-approved label celebrating a very deadly Zin, and a Pinot Noir with house cat appeal.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year, it is always a pleasure to see so many fresh ideas. And thank you to all of our generous prize sponsors!



David and Cyndee Milam • Danville, California


Ronald Marvin • Bakersfield, California


Robert Adams • Carmel, California


John Schiavone • Canton, Ohio


Cheryl Spaulding • Phoenix, Arizona


Nancy Powell Kansas City, KS


Cody Shive Chapel Hill, NC


Tom Price • Clay, NY


Matthew Abbe Camarillo, CA


David Parr Sonoma, CA


Gnel Garibyan Burbank, CA
Gary Palmero Herald, GA
Stacey Bartlebaugh Indiana, PA


Ron Elices Camarillo, CA
David Noone Delray Beach, FL
Richard Vaughan Morristown, NJ
Mark Fallone North Huntingdon, PA
Jacob H. Fehl, Jr. Lancaster, PA
Joe Dente New Hyde Park, NY


Gail Sacharczuk Holland, PA
René Lauritsen Aarhus, Denmark
Dave Sienknecht Santa Rosa, CA
Steve Perkins Santa Rosa, CA
Gregory Snader Lancaster, PA
Paul Wade Missoula, MT


Chris MacDonald Seattle, WA
Susan Campell-Weir Clayton, CA
Ann Speed Albuquerque, NM
Dave Roberts N. Tonawanda, NY