Amplify Your Taste, Bud!

The wine tasting technique that I describe in this article was developed over the last fifteen years out of sheer frustration. As a wine sales representative, I’ve made hundreds of wine presentations to chefs, maître d’s, sommeliers and restaurant owners. I’ve poured wine in restaurant kitchens, bars and dining rooms, and I’ve tasted wine out of glass, paper, plastic and even styrofoam cups. It’s discouraging to confess how many times I’ve heard even the wine experts say something like this: “I don’t get what they’re saying in this wine description.” I needed a wine-tasting technique that experts and novices alike could master in minutes. I also wanted to help people new to wine tasting get excited immediately about the aromas and flavors in wine. I wanted to hear them say, “I never knew wine could taste this good.” Or “I can really taste the wine for the first time!” So I developed a method I call “Power Tasting.” It’s easy to learn, and it works. I can’t back that statement up with academic studies or empirical data, but the positive