Who Wants to be a Winemaker?

Do you know why two identical grape varieties from geographically similar viticultural areas will turn out different wines? Or, could you correlate a wine’s quality and aging potential to its acidity, pH and sulfite level? And do you know what corrective action would be required to lower the pH in a high-pH wine? How would malolactic fermentation affect this? Take out a pencil and test your winemaking knowledge using this fun quiz. First warm up with a few fast-finger questions to set you in the mood—a glass of wine will help—and to get rid of stomach butterflies. No one is watching and you have all the lifelines you want. Try the quiz on your own or with friends. See how many questions you can answer without consulting literature, and without peeking at the answers appearing after each question. You can then rate yourself by the scale provided at the end of this quiz. Ready? Let’s play “Who Wants to be a Winemaker?” General Questions 1. Put the following northern hemisphere cool-climate viticultural regions in geographical order from North to South.