WineMaker at 5!

As WineMaker celebrates its first five years of publishing, we stop for a minute to reflect on the classic world in which we’re immersed — the world of wine. Who could ever have imagined that this eccentric beverage would chisel itself so deeply into human history? And yet, somewhere in the broad tableau of winemaking history — between carboy and chateau, between my wine and Margaux — are you and I. We’re in that snapshot of the winemaking world. To capture the spirit of our fifth anniversary, this article will look at the wide world of winemaking in flights of five … from five essential winemaking techniques to five great wines you should taste in your lifetime. So pour a glass of your own plonk, sit back and enjoy. 5 Basic Techniques Every Home Winemaker Should Master You accumulate thousands of tips as a winemaker — and as an artist, you develop your own style. But there also are key techniques every winemaker should know, whether you’re a pro or just make the odd batch. Here are five: 1. Sanitation: