In the fall of 1992 Rich Schell noticed a heavily-laden Concord grapevine in the backyard of his best friend, Dave Ruzzo’s house. He casually remarked, “We should make wine with these grapes.” Thus “DAVENRICH WINERY” (say Dave n’ Rich) was born. Little did we know just how monumental those words would prove to be.     Our wine tastes at that time had progressed from white Zinfandels to jug reds and cheap Bordeauxs. We figured grapes equal wine, how hard can it be? All we needed to do was learn the process. We bought books, picked minds and read everything one could read in the days before the Internet, to find out how to make wine. Finally, Rich found a want ad for “everything needed to make your own wine.” We took a drive and met an elderly gentleman who showed us the motherload of winemaking equipment. He had bottles, testing equipment, recipes and an amazing little device known as a tabletop screw press. We were sold! We paid  $85.00 and drove away loaded up with everything we needed to make