The Designing Winemaker

My hobby may be winemaking, but by day I am a commercial artist.     I use house paint on a daily basis at my job,  so when I have the opportunity to create artwork at home I don’t spend that obscene amount of money at art supply stores —  I do all of my shopping at the local hardware store.       To combine my two interests, I also design the wine labels for our home winery — the Hoffmann Family Winery. I enjoy painting on Plexiglas versus canvas so when I start a new project I pick up a few sheets of Plexiglas, grab a few of those throw-away poly-foam brushes (those fine sable hair brushes are way too expensive) and a gallon or two of house paint and I’m ready to go! Before I start painting, though, to make sure the paint adheres to the surface of the Plexiglas, I prepare the surface by painting a layer of XIM primer to the surface first. Otherwise, the paint can be easily scratched off the surface of the Plexiglas.