2000 WineMaker Label Contest Winners

After crawling our way out of the large piles of boxes, envelopes and packages that have been collecting on the floor of the editorial department for the past two months, we managed to get to the other side of the office and recruit some co-workers judging the label contest. The boxes were ripped, the envelopes opened and the bottles were displayed under the bright lights of the judging table. The multiple personalities of our small office converged and began the battle of aesthetic opinions. Let’s see, the publisher, all business, the ad salesman, you might think would be all business but has a soft spot for poetry and – as it turns out – flowers, the art director, well, use your imagination, and the two editors, editor one and editor two, we’re all about convincing copy and catchy names. All in all, the scales were pretty well balanced. With pizza in hand, the judging commenced and one by one each and every label was scrutinized, praised, analyzed and critiqued until we had come up with a manageable pile of outstanding