Indigenous Wine

Patalkot, a 3,200-foot deep valley with an area of 79 square kilometers, is situated in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh in India. The valley is a home to the local tribes of Gond and Bharia. Due to its typical geographical structure, the valley is completely cut off from the civilized world. There is a great harmony among ethnic tribals. Their day begins with folksongs, drum bells and traditional musical instruments and ends up with several customs and rituals along with sharing locally made wine or beer. Be it festival time, birth celebration, marriage ceremony or funeral, homemade wine, beer and spirits have been an integral part of both regular tribal life as well as during festivals. During the Meghnath fair, a major festival that comes in November and December, they share beverages and sing folk songs to enjoy the mood. The use of Mahua wine, locally known as Gapai, is common among the tribesmen at various occasions. Salphi and Chhind Ras are also enjoyed. Chhind Ras is the fresh juice of fruits of Indian date palm. It is consumed directly