A Harmony of Fruit and Honey

Meads containing fruit are a perpetually hot topic amongst home meadmakers as well as being a huge part of the commercial mead conversation. Taking what we know about making mead from just honey and then adding fruit doesn’t seem to be all that complex of a leap, but I assure you that the adventure of smashing fruit and honey together is way more interesting than just saying, “I made fruit mead!” Making mead with fruit is a creative journey. What fruits and combinations you use, where and when you use them in the process, and what attributes of the fruit you work to express are all creative choices. Unlocking the secrets of all these different choices is the key to being able to mix them up to create your own hits.  As with any adventure, it is best to jump right in! Creativity Abounds At Ancient Fire Mead & Cider (where I’m the Owner/Meadmaker) in Manchester, New Hampshire, we produce three different product lines, including draft style meads, draft ciders, and honey wines. We use fruit in a number of