Finding the Right Closure

You have been diligent through every step of the process in making the best quality wine that is perfect for your palate. You have been a tireless caregiver, shepherding the growth and evolution of this living elixir for many months, even years, once you factor in bulk and possibly barrel aging, and it is finally time to bottle. You have properly cleaned and sanitized all the necessary bottles and bottling equipment and filled your bottles to a consistent and perfect level. You are now ready to insert/apply a closure into/onto the neck of the bottle. How important is that closure? Does it really matter what kind of closure you use? Might it have any impact on the wine that you worked so hard to create and are excited to share with your friends and family? I can personally answer that question based on my experience in one word — absolutely! It is important to remember that wine is an ever-changing liquid. There are constant physical and chemical processes that continue over its lifetime. This includes its time in the bottle.
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