Fruit Cider

Cidermaking is a journey. Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you it’s easy, as developing a delicious hard cider requires a lot more artistry than simply adding yeast to apple juice. Cidermaking requires you to develop, refine, and master many different skills. When you add the additional layer of fruit to your cider, it requires even more understanding of how these new flavors will fit with those from the apples. My hope is to provide some basic guidelines and inspire you to set off on a journey of becoming a cider artist. I view what I do these days as being a fermentation artist. The magic to making world-class wine, mead, or cider all require a mastery of fermentation. I started making cider in the fall of 1995 as the Brew Free or Die and Boston Wort Processors homebrew clubs had an annual cider picnic. Paul Correnty, who went on to author The Art of Cider Making, was selecting the apples that were pressed into cider, and I was fortunate enough to start my cidermaking journey among such a