Killer Bacteria & pH: Wine Wizard

QI own a small store in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. I have two customers with the same problem and I have no solution. Both batches were made with a four-week wine kit. The first customer lives in a small northern community and has sent me a bottle of his wine, a Merlot. It is quite cloudy as though it didn’t settle. This man has bottled all of his wine and all the bottles are the same. His wine has a slight vinegar taste. I am willing to reclean this bottle if you think it would help. The second customer lives in town. He claims his wine is crystal clear, but has not yet brought me a bottle. He also says it has a slight vinegar taste. He does not usually bottle his wine, rather leaves it in the carboy and racks it into carafes as needed. He claims the lid is on tight and the airlock is in place. The only information I can find on this “vinegar” problem claims it’s a result of improperly cleaned equipment. Both men have been