10 Tips for Better Wine

Like so many things, you get two winemakers together, you get three different opinions. But that’s probably because there seems to be nothing a professional winemaker loves to do more than talk about making wine. “That’s one thing that’s unusual about the wine industry,” said Chris Dearden, general manager and winemaker at Benessere, in St. Helena (Napa County), California. “We do share ideas. You can share ideas and still make different wine.” When we sent out the call for winemaking tips to professionals around the country, we got a terrific response. It was so hard culling the responses, especially since there are so many different decisions and choices — all of which can work. It just depends on how you like your wine. But cull we did and here are ten tips from the pros that should help you make your wines even better this year. “There is always more than one factor for everything in winemaking,” said Hillary Sjolund, winemaker at DiStefano Winery, in Washington state. Understanding the valid options in winemaking as well as the things that all