Ten Tips for Kit Winemaking

Decalogue is Latin for “ten writings” and the most common use of the word is to refer to the ten commandments of the Judeo-Christian tradition. While this column isn’t written in stone (and certainly not by the light of a burning bush) the tenth anniversary of WineMaker is an excellent time to weigh in with ten solid tips for kit wine success. Success has a broad definition, however. If one simply wanted to be sure to produce a clear, drinkable wine within the time frame specified on your kit instructions, there’s only one commandment you have to know: Read the instructions and obey them, making no change however small, omitting no detail, however slight (RTIAOTMNCHSONDHS). In one simple step you’ll never have to worry, because even if things don’t turn out quite to spec, your kit supplier will be able to work with you to make it right, because following the directions limits the scope of possible errors in production, and fixes are usually simple and fast. But if your ambitions are greater than just getting drinkable wine into a
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