Tomato, Jalapeño, Dandelion Wines: Tips from the Pros

Looking to try something new? You can make unique and wonderful wines from plants found in your garden or even growing wild in your backyard. Winemaker and Owner of TSJ Wine Blenders in Roseville, Michigan. Tom began as a home winemaker about 1990 utilizing grapes from his father’s small farm. Compliments on their wines led Tom and his wife Sue to open a small winery in 1998. As you can imagine, tomato wine has a unique taste. It is similar to a Spumante, without the bubbles, and has a slight tomato finish. An aroma of toast is frequently noticed. Our tomato wine is a drier wine. I have also heard people say that it reminds them of Scotch. Generally speaking, tomato wine can be considered a table wine. It is a great alternative to red wines when consuming red sauces. It also pairs well with things like bruschetta and pizza. I prefer to use Roma tomatoes. This tomato variety possesses the characteristics of being meaty and juicy, and to me, is somewhat more flavorful than other varieties. The tomatoes should