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What can I do to improve the aroma of my mead?


Dear Wine Wizard, I have been making mead for a few years. I love the clover and honey accents in it. Most people who have tried it like the taste, but they all say the same thing — they don’t like the smell. I have heard everything from “it smells a little like a field of hay” to the more popular “it smells like a musty old book I found in the attic.” It is just the way mead smells. There are no off-flavors or wet cardboard scents that could have come from mead-maker’s error; even the commercial mead I have tried smells like that. Is it possible to mask the natural mead scent a little or at least tone it down a bit? I already use a sterile filter before bottling. Please share your “wiz-dom” with all of us who want to please the masses! Chris Frere Grasse, Ontario The Wine Wizard replies: If there is one overarching quality that wine, beer and mead-makers have in common, it is their desire to please their appreciative audiences as well as