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Where can I find good quality bottles?



Bottle quest

I have a few batches of wine under my belt. I have been plagued with either cheap, flat bottom bottles or stuck collecting and cleaning out empties. Where do wineries buy high quality bottles from and is it possible to get my hands on a few cases?

Christopher Franklin
Gleneden Beach, Oregon

I can understand your frustration with your current bottle supply. It’s tough for small-scale producers to get the same quality, variety and colors of glass that the professionals do. Some home winemaking supply stores around the country only carry one (or maybe two) types of bottles and unfortunately, the flat-bottomed version is most often what we get.

There is help out there, however! I would encourage you to do a little searching online and in your area first as many homebrewing and winemaking stores (especially many Web-based retailers) are becoming more sensitive for the search for the perfect bottle. Many suppliers offer a wide variety of bottles in different shapes, sizes and colors with the appropriate closures to match and can ship them anywhere around the country.

Do be prepared to pay a little extra for a special color or shape, though, and don’t expect to get the volume discounts the pros can get from their suppliers. Many bottles (cork finish, with a medium punt) from small-scale online sources, as well as home winemaking supply stores, will run at least $1.00 each with specialty glass reaching upwards of $2.50 a piece, even if you buy by the case.

For most micro-producers, sourcing glass from a glass company that serves the commercial wine industry is a bit problematic. Most of the suppliers I talked to try not to deal in amounts less than 1⁄2 a pallet of glass (about 30 cases). Since small orders might, understandably, be seen as a source of annoyance (small profit return for the time invested on their part), why not go to a supplier sized just for the home winemaker?

Your favorite home winemaking supply retailer is a great place to start your hunt for a variety of bottles.

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