Ask Wine Wizard

Wine Wizard Revealed & Top 10 Winemaking Questions


A Word From the Publisher And the Wine Wizard is……. “When will my fermentation stop?” “Why did my fermentation stop?” One thing I can count on as publisher of WineMaker magazine is that each day winemakers will email us asking for help and looking for answers. When WineMaker launched in 1998, we realized the importance of answering reader questions and we were lucky to bring Alison Crowe on board as our Wine Wizard right from the Premier issue. Fresh out of the University of California-Davis’ renowned enology program, Alison brought a wealth of wisdom — as well as a sense of humor — to her answers. Since then, Alison has answered literally hundreds of questions spanning the world of winemaking and has made Wine Wizard our readers’ favorite department in the magazine. Likewise, the “Wine Wizard Question of the Week” section of winemakermag.com is among the most visited areas of our website. Until now, only a handful of people knew Alison was the Wine Wizard. Like the identity of most superheroes, we decided it would be fun to keep her