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Organic acid reduction, reusing corks: Wine Wizard


Raising pH the natural way I am seeking an organic means to raise pH. Any suggestions? Jim Romano Carrollton, Texas The most “organic,” natural way to raise the pH of your wine is to pick the grapes at such a time that you won’t have to do anything to it. I know, I know, that’s a terribly glib answer but as my readers know, I’m all about picking at the right time so your sugar, acid, color, tannin and flavor balance are all in alignment and hey — presto, off you go to make great wine with minimal intervention on the part of the winemaker. Easier said than done, however.     For those of us not always blessed with the perfect pre-harvest weather, adequately-long growing season or for those of us who must buy off-the-shelf raw material like a kit, we often have to engage in a little bit of what I call “tweaking.” If your raw material isn’t up to your standards or won’t produce the style you’re after, you can certainly (as long as you’re not a commercial