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Testing for Dryness, Empty Airlock: Wine Wizard


Testing troubles I’ve been frustrated with the use of Clinitest tablets for measuring the end point or final dryness in my homemade wine and have been wondering and reading about the use of electronic blood glucose meters that diabetics use. There have been several discussions in various forums and some scholarly work from UC-Davis back in 1998. It appears that while they may not be a total solution, there may be some use when the brix is at 0 degrees. Have you heard of folks using these devices for wine measurements and what are your thoughts on using electronic blood glucose meters? Dan Macone California, Maryland I share your frustration with the Clinitest tablet method for measuring residual sugar in wines, which is why I don’t use it anymore if I really need to get an accurate number. Between the mess (I hate cleaning the last little bit of colored crud out of the bottom of my test tube), the subjectivity (what color did it really turn?) and the relative inaccuracy (the color chart is really just not that accurate