The Devil is in the Details: Dry Finish

  There are five items that are considered essential by geologists for true happiness. To wit: a loaf of crusty bread, a block of cheese, a skin of wine (preferably red), a Brunton® compass and a mountain to map. Therefore I think it was natural for me, a practicing geologist, to become interested in learning how to make my own wine. After all, don’t grapes derive their nutrients from soil, and isn’t soil just decomposed rock?     My fermentation adventure began in 1976 when I decided to make wine in my tiny four-room apartment. I purchased a copy of a paperback describing, in detail, how to make wine from grapes. I purchased red and white table grapes and scrupulously followed the directions for making each style. The results, however, were dicey. The “wine” was drinkable, but not all that pleasant tasting.     At the time when I purchased my winemaking supplies, I noticed that the store stock included winemaking kits for crafting wine from grape juice concentrates. So after my first experience with fresh grape winemaking, I went back and