Date: Dec 11-Jan 12

Dec '11/Jan '12 issue

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Preventing Oxidation, Excess Sulfite

I need help to prevent oxidation. I make about 40 gallons (151 L) from California grapes each year, usually finishing quite nice, but last year’s Sangiovese suffers from oxidation. After fermentation and

Nero d’Avola: The red grape of Sicily

. . . Sicily’s legacy of red wine is all about Nero d’Avola, second only to Catarratto Bianco. There are almost 18,000 hectares (about 46,000 acres) of Nero in Sicily.

I accidentally made my sulfite solution at 20%. Is the wine still drinkable?

Since I don’t know what your “recommended” number was it’s impossible for me to know what a double addition is in this case. Therefore, you should definitely exercise caution before drinking and

Should I try using carbon dioxide whenever I rack to expel oxygen. Or should I bottle sooner?

I have to commiserate with you on the Sangiovese and oxidation dance. For some reason, this grape varietal seems to be especially prone to color (and related oxidation) issues. Much like Pinot

Award-Winning Red Winemakers Roundtable

Three amateur winemakers with shelves full of medals to their names for their homemade wines share advice for making great reds.

Sweet Wines: Tips from the Pros

Two pro winemakers share advice for home winemakers to make sweet wine at home

The Devil is in the Details: Dry Finish

  There are five items that are considered essential by geologists for true happiness. To wit: a loaf of crusty bread, a block of cheese, a skin of wine (preferably red), a

Enjoying Dessert Wine Kits

Drinking Port To my palate, Port is toothsome — it somehow seems to satisfy and delight all on its own. Back when I smoked a pipe (and nothing looks dopier than someone

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