Enjoying Dessert Wine Kits

Drinking Port To my palate, Port is toothsome — it somehow seems to satisfy and delight all on its own. Back when I smoked a pipe (and nothing looks dopier than someone under the age of 40 smoking a pipe, let me tell you) I thought it was the perfect accompaniment. Not that I’m recommending the demon nicotine as a side-dish for your Port, understand, but it seemed the slow and contemplative nature of pipe smoking fit very neatly into the rich and warmly comforting feeling engendered by sipping Port — until I wound up coughing like an exploding dragon. If you’ve got an adventurous palate (or you think you’d look as pretentiously geeky with a pipe as I did), the classic pairing with Port is Stilton blue cheese. Produced in the English counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, this blue-veined cheese is ripe and powerful, but has a very nutty character, and good acidity. Compared to Danish Blue it’s less salty and more creamy, and it is much mellower than Italian Gorgonzola. Paired with the nutty sweetness and rich