Juicy Secrets

Commercial wineries spend tens of thousands of dollars on all kinds of fancy equipment. Can a home winemaker really expect to create the same type of high-quality wines the pros can without spending a bundle? The answer is absolutely yes. All that fancy stainless steel and those pumps and motors are aimed at moving tons of grapes, creating kiloliters of must and, ultimately, thousands of cases of wine. If you know the function of each piece of professional equipment, you can get similar results from your home winemaking gear. As long as you start with the same high-quality grapes that a commercial winemaker does, the sky is the limit. Crushing Crushing is a widely varied process in the home winemaking world. You can rent or purchase equipment similar to that used in a commercial winery. As an alternative you can use simple, easy-to-obtain equipment such as a baseball bat, hockey stick, or even your feet to crush the fruit. The important thing is that the juice is liberated from the berries during this process so that fermentation can begin. Premium