Must Haves

Easy Electric Bottle Filler If you’ve ever used the Buon Vino automatic bottle filler, you know how easy it is to bottle a batch of wine. Buon Vino has made the job even easier with its new FILLjet  bottler, an electric version of the automatic bottle filler. The greatest advantage of the FILLjet is that carboys and heavy demijohns no longer need to be moved to a high table. The FILLjet uses a self-priming electric pump to displace wine into bottles; it does not operate on the force of gravity. It can fill a standard 750 mL bottle in 17 seconds. To bottle using the FILLjet, a bottle is placed in the stand under the filler head. The pump is started to initiate the flow of wine into the bottle. When the wine reaches the desired level, the filler head stops the flow of wine. The pump does not need to be turned on or off; this is all done automatically. Subsequent bottles are filled by only pressing on the filler head mechanism. The filler nozzle can be adjusted for