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The professional world of viticulture (grape growing) and enology (winemaking) has become its own amazing universe. To be part of it, there are two routes you can follow. The first is owning and operating your own vineyard. This requires not only good winemaking skills, but marketing savvy and business acumen. Your other option is to become an employee of an established winery. Armed with a college education, you can become a certified winery technician or vineyard manager. Or, if your aspirations are higher and you want to hit the ground running, you can get a bachelor’s degree in viticulture, enology or both. This education can get you not just a good job, but a great career. Degrees in viticulture and enology Going pro in the wine industry doesn’t always require a college or university degree, but having a degree or certificate improves your professional options. There are several levels of wine education available. • A certificate or diploma is awarded by a community college or career school that offers some kind of viticulture or enology class. A program such as