Winemaker’s Garden and Orchard

The average person, upon hearing the term “winemaker’s garden,” will probably think of fruit, berries and perhaps a couple of grapevines, but it can mean so much more. Depending on what wines you want to make, your garden may include flowers, vegetables, berries, fruit or a mixture of these. Grape, the Wine Vine If you have productive wild grapes on your property, that may be enough for you. Or, you may want to plant a few vines on a fence, in a vineyard row, or wherever you can fit them in. First and foremost, one should consult with the local agricultural extension agent. You may want to take the second step and ask around as to who might be growing grapes locally, then go talk to the growers. Construct two lists. If folks say a certain grape grows well locally, put it on the list of grapes to consider planting. If they say a certain grape won’t grow well (or at all) locally, put it on the list of grapes to avoid. Don’t fight local wisdom. (The WineMaker department titled