Los Cinco Locos: Dry Finish

It’s a sunny Wednesday morning in Montecito. And in a home nestled off a quiet tree-lined street, a bunch of wacky guys are making wine.     They call themselves Los Cinco Locos. The five crazy guys. Five retired gentlemen who now spend harvest season acquiring grapes from some of the Central Coast’s top vineyards and then turning them into Bacchus’ nectar.      “Once we start with top grapes, all we do is shepherd them through the path to fine wine,” says John Van Atta, one of the fab five. The others are Louis Weider, Dick Shaikewitz, George Primbs and Howard Scar.     Their adventure began a little over a decade ago when Lou and Dick, both of Montecito, met overseas on a tour through Europe. They began talking about Lou’s 500-acre vineyard in Paso Robles where his grapes sold to local wineries. Lou and Dick then decided to make wine from Lou’s vineyard. Upon their return, they convinced a trio of friends to join in the winemaking effort.     As luck would have it, Howard was in the midst of