Date: Oct-Nov 2008

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I make mostly sweet fruit wines; what is the best yeast?

Choosing yeast I am new to the art of winemaking and have come to realize that there are many varieties of yeast available. I make mostly sweet fruit wines such as strawberry,

The TA and pH kits that I have seen are quite unreliable…

Barrel tests Can you tell me what I really need to handle one to one and a half barrels of juice annually? The TA and pH kits that I have seen are

Maintaining Fermentation Temperatures

When Ray Charles and Betty Carter sang the definitive version of Frank Loesser’s song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” it’s a pretty sure bet that home winemaking was the last thing on their

Los Cinco Locos: Dry Finish

It’s a sunny Wednesday morning in Montecito. And in a home nestled off a quiet tree-lined street, a bunch of wacky guys are making wine. They call themselves Los Cinco Locos. The

Testing options for pH and TA

I’m not a fan of the pH and TA kits available out there either. pH test strips are pointless as they don’t spit out an actual number and the TA test kits

Oak Alternatives

A song to the oak, the brave old oak, Who hath ruled in the greenwood long; Here’s health and renown to his broad green crown, And his fifty arms so strong. There’s

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