2009 WineMaker Magazine Conference

  The second annual WineMaker Magazine Conference took place on May 15 and 16 this year at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa in the heart of wine country.  This conference, hosted by WineMaker magazine and supported by our sponsors, brought together an all-star cast of experts in winemaking and viticulture.  A sold-out crowd of over 400 total attendees hailing from 34 different states, 3 Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, and Mexico spent two days learning from expert speakers and meeting other hobby winemakers. Each day of the conference was packed with 13 different seminars. On the first day, topics included “pH and Acidity” with Pat Henderson, “The Fine Art of Fining” with Bob Peak, and a roundtable discussion focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon featuring three local Napa-based professional winemakers.  In the afternoon, there was a wine component tasting, led by Tim Vandergrift of Winexpert.  This session was extremely helpful for the home winemaker, as essential wine components such as sugar, oak, and tannin were tasted with actual wines, helping to identify the flavors and educating the palate.  In the evening,