Making it Legal, Antique Grape Juice: Wine Wizard

Q I have been making wine at home for the past five years and my friends tell me I am pretty good! They like my wine and I thought about starting to sell it at our local farmers’ market. My question is, when do I cross the line from being just a home hobbyist (which I know is legal) to being a “winemaker” in the eyes of the public and presumably the government? I don’t want to do anything wrong but I’d like to explore my options. Jennifer MichelCalabasas, California A There definitely has been an explosion in the number of people making and selling wine in this country! Every year, the number of brands listed with the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau — www.ttb.gov/wine) increases by the thousands. It’s no surprise that the US is now the number one wine market in the world and we’re the market everyone (and I mean everyone, from the Portuguese to the Chinese) want to be in. What that means is that there’s plenty of competition out there but it