(Another) Year in the Vineyard, Week #5 with Wes Hagen of Clos Pepe Vineyards

 (Another) Year in the Vineyard Wine Blog, Week #5 April 9-15, 2010 Viticulturama, Why Technology Matters, A Lamb By Any Other Name, Another Version of the LA Times Magazine Article. A Few Local Events to Entice You: This SUNDAY:   Clos Pepe Open House and Wine Pickup party on the Vintner’s Festival Weekend:  Sunday, April 18th from 11 am – 3 pm at our Lompoc winery facility at 1273 West Laurel.  Tasting, nibbles, barrel dipping and a word of wine wisdom (or two!) from Wes.  Breaking news:  We will have old and rare library releases to offer ONLY at this event. Two rare CLOS PEPE WINEMAKER DINNERS with Wes and Chanda Hagen in April at: Bradley Ogden’s Root 246.  Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 in Solvang: Chef Johnny Church and I are going to put our collective heads together over some Irish Whiskey and knock this menu out of the park.  From the man who brought you foie-stuffed Eber Skeebers with huckleberry preserves and a foie-topped burger with a half lobster tail, we expect to experiment to find the perfect small