Chat with Alex Russan

Chat with Alex Russan (12/12/2018) Thanks everyone for coming out, and special thank you to Alex Russan for answering everyone’s questions! You can also join Alex on May 16 in Traverse City, Michigan at the 2019 WineMaker’s Conference where he’ll teach a day-long boot camp on “Advanced Winemaking from Grapes” on May 16 Wednesday December 12, 2018  2:00 Good morning/good afternoon Alex. Thanks for joining us today! Wednesday December 12, 2018 2:00  2:00 Alex: Hi Everybody! Wednesday December 12, 2018 2:00 Alex 2:02 So Alex, here in the northeast we dealt with a lot of rain, low pH, low brix grapes in 2018. What you’re best advice to winemakers who have to deal with years like this? Wednesday December 12, 2018 2:02  Alex: I wish I had that problem here!, I have to find very specific spots for low pH and brix in CA. Chapitalization (sp?) is always an option, add early on to maintain a shorter maceration, or, as fermentation is coming to a completion to have a sort of “active” extended maceration. Acid-wise, de-acidifiers (calcium carbonate, and potassium carbonate, if I’m mixing