Colossal Corking: Wine Wizard

QWhere can an amateur buy a cork for a 3-liter bottle? The one I have measures 2 1/8“ by 13/16” (54 mm by 30 mm). I have several of these bottles and I think they would make great gifts for people who helped me save bottles. Gene CapleSparks, Nevada ALike you, many commercial wineries also feel that big bottles make great gifts. One can often see what the industry calls “large formats” displayed in restaurants that have done exceptionally well selling a particular wine (these bottles are often given as “freebies” to reward sales). As lovely as these bottles are, it can be a problem finding appropriate corks for a neck that size. Luckily, glass suppliers to the wine industry are familiar with these bottle sizes and will usually ship large corks, even in small batches of 20–50. To assist you in your search for large corks, my first piece of advice is to speak to the proprietor of a friendly homebrew shop. They should have a cork supplier that they work with and may be able to arrange a
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