Grape Profiles

Here are some abbreviated profiles for lesser known wine grapes varietals: Baco Noir: A hybrid red grape varietal whose parentage is linked to the French grape Folle Blanche, a white Vitis vinifera varietal, and a native American red V. riparia grape. This hybrid grape variety originated in southwestern France by a gentleman named François Baco in 1902 and was released in 1910. Originally developed for brandy production (hence the Folle Blanche parent), it was found to be resistant to Black Rot. This variety was not sanctioned in France under the Appellation d’Originie Contrôllée (AOC) but it is tolerated so it’s still grown in France and Switzerland, about 300 acres in total. When it was brought over to North America, it found a home in the cooler climates and loamy soils found in the eastern United States. Often known for producing Rhône-style wines, it can be blended into Bordeaux-style wines. Alternatively, a winemaker can try to shorten maceration time to get a more Burgundian-style wine and coax out its berry and cherry characteristics. It is a consistent mid-season ripening grape with